1/3 Au Revoir Simone + Slow Club = Really Big Band | “The Killing Moon”

I originally had this as part of my Moshi Moshi party report but it seemed too good to bury at the bottom of a post. In between band sets, Annie Hart and Erika Forster of Au Revoir Simone did some fine iPod DJing. A cover of Echo & the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" caught my ear in particular so I went up to Annie and asked who it was. She smiled really big, saying it was her and Slow Club and that they'd recorded it earlier in the day using Garageband and the internal microphone on her laptop! They're dubbed themselves The Really Big Band, though I suggested The Slow Harts. (That's actually a good name for a band I think.) Annie was nice enough to send it to me and let me share it here.

MP3: Annie Hart and Slow Club – The Killing Moon

She wanted me to stress the part about recording it in an afternoon and with the laptop microphone as if to dissuade any criticism of sonic quality but I think it's quite good even if the ending, like the Killing Moon itself, comes too soon. (I don't know why the last 30 seconds of the mp3 are silent either.)

While we're on the subject of Au Revoir Simone, their new record, Still Night Still Light, is in the can and will be out in May. It was produced by Thom Monahan of Pernice Brothers fame. (And Monsterland before that if you listened to indie rock in the '90s, they were good. Check out "Peanut Butter Karma" on their MySpace memorial.) He produced the new Vetiver album as well. Au Revoir Simone play three shows at SXSW and then are off to France. Lucky girls.

Mar 19  2:00p Brooklyn Vegan/Agency Group Party Austin, Texas
Mar 19  4:45P Music for Listeners/Moshi Moshi Records Party @ The Red House Pizzeria Austin, Texas
Mar 20 11:45P Maggie Mae’s Rooftop – Friday night at one a.m. Austin, Texas
Apr 18  8:00P Alhambra Theatre – Les Femmes S’en Melent Festival Paris
Apr 19 8:00P Grand Mix – Les Femmes S’en Melent Festival Tourcoing
Apr 21 8:00P L’epicerie Moderne – Les Femmes S’en Melent Festival Paris

Also check out this crazy, double-speed version of "The Killing Moon" from 1983 that sounds more like the Echo of Crocodiles instead of Ocean Rain. Kinda cool:


  1. Nice! Pavement's cover of "The Killing Moon" is one of my favorites.

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing! What happened with the last 30seconds being silence though? 🙁

  3. Slow Club are one of my favourite bands. I saw them first supporting The Wave Pictures at the Thekla Club in Bristol.
    They deserve to be huge. Don't suppose they will be though 🙁

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