Life is Short: R.I.P. Lux Interior


My current obsession with reverby garage rock can be traced back to my love of those early Cramps albums on I.R.S., especially the Off the Bone compilation which in some ways I think is all you really need to own. Here’s a couple choice cuts:

MP3: The Cramps – New Kind Of Kick

MP3: The Cramps – Garbageman

Buy some Cramps.

The Cramps’ goth look only seemed silly till you saw them live: Lux Interior was one of the scariest mofos in rock. The version of “Tear it Up” from URGH! A Music War is the quintessential Cramps performance. Totally amazing, though I always felt sorry for the person who had to use the microphone after him:

We’ll miss ya, Lux.

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