Folk Song Oblivion

Semi-mysterious Glaswegian sextet The Phantom Band sound like a combination of the best moody Scottish groups of the last 10 years: the angst of Arab Strap and Malcolm Middleton's solo work, the sweep of the Delagos, the atmospherics of Mogwai. So it makes sense they're signed to Chemikal Underground, home of all the aformentioned. Their debut, Checkmate Savage, was released about a month ago and it is epic and awesome, nine tracks, nearly an hour long, and not a wasted minute.

It's easy to type out a litany of influences (krautrock, Joy Division, Fairport Convention) but really they don't sound like anyone else. At times it's singer-songwritery but then they'll lock into a motorik groove that can only really come from playing together live. I really, really wish they were playing SXSW but hopefully they'll head this way soon. In the meantime…

MP3The Phantom Band – Folk Song Oblivion 

Checkmate Savage
hasn't been released physically in the U.S. yet, but you can download it from all the usual sources: Emusic, Insound, and Chemikal Underground directly. Highly recommended.

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