Shameless Plugging (Not the Same Old Show on Your Radio)


Put a microphone in front of me and I become a total ham. (Preferably prosciutto cotto, but any good ham will do.) I talked on real radio and "internet" radio in the last week, and if interested you can hear them. I don't sound entirely stupid.

My old pals Blog Fresh Radio are doing an official show for the Hype Machine's Blog Zeitgeist 2008 which, over the course of this week, will count down the 50 most blogged-about albums of last year. Part One is up now and you can hear me yap on about the Metronomy record. As a former producer of the program, I gotta say it's the best-sounding show I've heard them do (that includes the SXSW show that I did), and other blogs involved included Chromewaves, The Music Slut, The Modern Age, Song by Toad, and more. Anyway, here's the first part:

Meanwhile, I also got interviewed (as a Brooklyn Vegan writer) by NPR's Weekend America for a segment about what I thought might be big, musically, in 2009. It's an interesting segment, in that they go from source to source…from a radio DJ to Gossip Girl music supervisor Alex Patsavas (who I interviewed once) to me to a record store clerk. Anyway, check it out if so inclined…


  1. you sound cute bill! cant believe you didnt boast crystal stilts…..b day count down is ON

  2. Do you think there is the slightest possibility you could every be persuaded to repost the missing brit box tracks you put up in 2007?

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