Rock on the Rocks: Seaport Ice This Friday


I have ice skated about three times in my life but am ready to brave ankle injuries if rock music is involved. The folks behind the Seaport Music Festival are booking bands at Seaport Ice for the next five Fridays, this week (1/30) being the first with the awesome dude explosion (broverload?) that is Neckbeard Telecaster, plus Grand Mal.

Seaport Ice is located right on Pier 17 where they do the Seaport shows in the summer. Shows are from 7-10 PM and you don't have to skate to watch, but it's gotta be more fun from the ice. It's $5 rink admission and $7 for skates. Weather this Friday is supposed to be in the 30s, so sounds like a cool (sorry) way to kick off the weekend.

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