Pas Chic Chic | M for Montreal Festival | 11.20.2008


The M for Montreal festival feauted a handful of bands who sang in French, but none oozed more Franco cool than Pas Chic Chic, the new-ish group from former Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Gerard Tellier-Craig and, despite some sound problems early on in their set, PCC ended up being one of my favorite sets of the fest. Awash in vintage keyboards (most prominently a Ace Tone combo organ) it was like a classic chanson singer fronting Broadcast. The band were dripping with style and while they were bathed in crimson light the entire time, their sound was icy-blue. 


MP3Pas Chic Chic – En Chaine Et En Vogue 

You can get Pas Chic Chic's very good debut album, Au Contraire, via Insound or Emusic, and there's a number of free downloads on their website. While PCC aren't heading to America any time soon, they are playing some European dates:

Dec 3 Blow Up Metro London
Dec 4 Festival Étoiles polaires Montréal 2008 @ Vooruit Gent
Dec 7 Studio Rubin Praha
Dec 8 Festhalle Berlin
Dec 9 UT Connewitz Leipzig
Dec 10 Gewerbehalle Luzern
Dec 11 Sonic Lyon
Dec 17 Social Club Paris


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