Back on the Bike

Hey! One of my favorite purveyors of neo-bubblegum pop, Toronto's The Bicycles, are back with the follow-up to their 2006 debut, The Good, The Bad, and the Cuddly. Album Number Two is called Oh No It's Love which rockets though 19 tracks in a mere 37 minutes, leaving no room for anything but the hooks. 

MP3: The Bicycles – One Twist is Not Enough 

MP3The Bicycles – Walk Away (From a Good Thing)

While The Bicycles don't have an American distributor, you can buy Oh No It's Love digitally in DRM-free MP3s via Emusic and  Zunior. Hopefully they'll dip into North America soon. They are really fun live. I should also say that Oh No It's Love is a contender for my favorite album art of the year, a nice in-camera shot (created in an afternoon with seven bags of white balloons, copper tubing and chicken wire) that is equally cute and amazing. Check it out:



  1. as of this moment, that's the best album cover I think I've ever seen!

  2. FYI, both Bicycles albums are available as DRM-free downloads at
    I'll be downloading one tonight! Thanks Bill.

  3. Yeah I burn through the monthly 75 tracks pretty easily. I have about 30 albums listed in case I get down to the final days and I still have a handful left to use. But none go to waste. I recenly upgraded to the 75 per month level and have not been disappointed. I just got some early Nerves stuff that came available this week. This was Peter Case's first band. I also note that the early John Foxx stuff is now available. Actually, his whole catalogue may be there now. He was a member of Ultravox! from 1975 to 1979.

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