Sky Larkin | Public Assembly | 10.25.2008


This was the best show I've seen Sky Larkin do yet. The Leeds, UK trio were back in the NY area to film another video from thier anticipated debut album, The Golden Spike. (That is what the internet tells me it's called at least. Certainly no one in the band revealed this.) It was the opening slot on Crashin' In's 12-hour unnofficial CMJ party that boasted perhaps the single best line-up of the whole week. It would've been nice to have them play later in front of more people, but they just sounded great, confident and ready to finally show the world what they've got when the record comes out.

Speaking of things being out, you can now get the first fruits of The Golden Spike, their new single, "Fossil, I." The 7" is absolutely gorgeous, on white vinyl with an inner sleeve! The arwork is a bit New Ordery if you ask me, which is a good thing. As for the song and recording…what can I say? I rocks. Here's the video which they shot here in NYC this summer:

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