Glasvegas | Mercury Lounge | 10.04.2008




Glasvegas had the best light show I've ever seen at Mercury Lounge. It wasn't intricate, just colored lights aimed at the back wall and the four members of the band, as well as occasional strobes. Simple but dramatic, and perfectly executed — just like Glasvegas' themselves. Mixing girl-group melodies and rhythms (courtesy standup drummer Caroline McKay) with thick washes of guitar effects, their songs are anthemic sing-a-longs, the kind where glasses are held high during the Big Chorus. Again, maybe not the most original thing, but they do it so well, you kind of have to be impressed. The volume, the lights, the songs, not to mention a posse of roadies that seems a little overkill in a 220-capacity club, Glasvegas play Mercury Lounge as if it were an arena. Do I love Glasvegas? It's a good record, but a knockout show. 

MP3Glasvegas – Lonesome Swan

Glasvegas' self-titled debut is out this week digitally, but won't get a proper U.S. release till early next year — which is when the band will be back, probably playing somewhere much bigger. For those Gawker Stalker readers, Paul Rudd and Peter Dinklage were at the show who I'm going to guess couldn't understand singer James Allan's thick Glaswegian accent any better than I could. Impenetrable! 

I shot video of "Go Square Go": 

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