Emmy Gets it (Mostly) Right

Though the actual show was horrible, it's hard to argue with this year's Emmy winners. 30 Rock won all the major awards it was up for, including the entirely deserved Best Actor statue for Alec Baldwin, who had it in the bag thanks to the above scene for his nominated episode, "Rosemary's Baby."

I was a little worried they were going to give Best Drama to Boston Legal again, but thankfully Emmy voters wisely went with Mad Men, easily one of the best shows on TV. (I woulda been happy is LOST won too.) The biggest, best surprise was Bryan Cranston winning Best Actor in a Drama for his fantastic work in AMC's underseen Breaking Bad which I've written about before.He is Breaking Bad the way Hugh Laurie is House. And I was glad to see Pushing Daisies get something — Barry Sonnenfeld won for his direction of the show's near-perfect "Pie-lette."

The only wins I had issues with were Jeremy Piven for Entourage and Jean Smart for Samantha Who? Actually I've never seen Samatha Who so maybe she deserved it, but I can't imagine she did moreso than Kristen Chenowith in Pushing Daisies. Piven deserved it the first year, but last season was horrible, and it felt like the old case of once somebody wins once, they'll continue to win till the show ends. (See Frasier, The Sopranos, The West Wing…) His costar Kevin Dillon woulda been a better choice, or Neil Patrick Harris.

Piven did give a good acceptance speech, though, making fun of the nearly unwatchable opening featuring the five hosts of the Emmy's, Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, Heidi Klum, Tom Bergeron and the entirely unfunny Howie Mandel. Seriously, whoever thought having them be hosts would be a good idea should be fired. That opening was one of the most painful ten minutes since Rob Lowe danced with Snow White on the 1989 Oscars. And the whole schtick with recreating classic TV show sets was bad too, as was Josh Groban's theme song medley.

But there were a few nice moments. Fey and Pohler's bit was good; Don Rickles still has his wits; Ricky Gervais' getting his Emmy back from Steve Carrell was funny; and Steve Martin's intro to Tom Smothers' honorary Emmy was pure class…and funny. Was it better than last year's in-the-round debacle? No, just as horrible but in it's own unique way.

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  1. The Cranston thing was a huge upset, I was kind of hoping for Jon Hamm or Michael C. Hall actually, but at least it didn't go to Tony Shaloub.

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