New Peter Bjorn and John | “Inland Empire”

Probably not Peter, Bjorn or John. But you'll have to ask David Lynch.

A nice bonus of attending the Pianos show tonight with Sky Larkin and Passion Pit — the free Wichita Recordings sampler CDs stacked all over the room. Usually these type of label samplers are straight-to-the-bins type things but this one has all sorts of goodies from upcoming releases, including new music from Euros Childs, The Bronx, Her Space Holiday and the new all-instrumental album from Peter Bjorn and John.

Titled Seaside Rock, it may not be the obvious follow-up to the big-selling 2006 album that had everybody whistling along with "Young Folks" but if this track, "Inland Empire," is any indication it'll be worth hearing. (And, anyway, they've already completed their proper vocal-infused follow-up to Writers Block which is due out in early '09.) Not sure whether it's named after David Lynch's 2007 cinematic methodical mindfuck or not. Reminds me a little of Vanishing Point-era Primal Scream. (Bjorn produced some of the 'Scream's new album, actually.) You be the judge:

: Peter Bjorn and John – Inland Empire (Buy PB&J stuff)

Between this, Peter Moren's solo album, and the bevy of records Bjorn has produced (Primal Scream, Lykke Li, Shout Out Louds), these Swedes haven't been resting on a whistle.

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