New Mojo: Murmurs in White

Mojo_AugustI was talking to someone about MOJO and how I was impressed they hadn't put the Beatles on the cover yet this year. Then I got the new issue and learned that the next two issues are going to be devoted to The White Album, which sort of makes sense as it's a double album. For once, I'm not sure I learned a whole lot new in reading the 20-or-so pages spent on it, including a track-by-track breakdown of the first disc but I was excited to hear the White Album Recovered CD which features covers by Vashti Bunyan, Joan as Policewoman and A Girl Called Eddy giving interpretations of songs from the A platter.

Too bad most of them are on the unimaginative side. (To be fair, they're stuck with some of the more annoying songs in the Beatles catalog.) But leave it to Field Music to make things interesting. They take Ringo's "Don't Pass Me By" and mix it with "Don't Let Me Down," take liberties with the melody and turn it into full-on prog:

MP3: Field Music – The Week That Was

And actually, Vashti's take on "Martha My Dear" is rather lovely:

MP3: Vashti Bunyan – Martha My Dear

Speaking of Field Music, Peter Brewis' new thing, The Week That Was (which features everyone from Field music plus like six more members), gets Album of the Month status in the issue. Four Stars. (And I agree. It's great.) There's also two good R.E.M. articles, though — a state-of-the-band type thing and a nice look back at the recording of Murmur.

Next month, more White Album and a second disc of covers. I wonder what they're gonna do with "Revolution #9"?

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  1. I just visited and noticed The Week That Was is listed. Will need to download it when I get home tonight!

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