BOAT + Creeping Weeds | Cake Shop | 8.17.2008


If BOAT lived here instead of Seattle I have a feeling they'd be my favorite local band.  All their songs are catchy,  and funny without being jokes. The band also has good stage banter and a penchant for props — big signs, confetti and shakers made out of Solo cups. But they know when to say when on that stuff. They remind me a little of '90s NYC band Muckafurgason (who were the see-them-every-time band for me) if you remember them, though BOAT are definitely more a straight-up rock band and less about the laughs. But you will laugh. This was BOAT's first NYC show, the third date of their first-ever East Coast tour and they seemed pretty happy to be here. As did the sparse but jazzed crowd. Fun!

: BOAT – Bee Buzz

MP3: BOAT – Period, Backslash, Colon

MP3: BOAT – Elephant Ears

Buy some BOAT. All their records (all two of them) are great. Though I'm sure they'd love it more if you bought them from the merch table when you go see them play live.

BOAT are currently on the "We Jam Super-Econo" Tour where they share instruments with Philadelphia's Creeping Weeds. More earnest than their tourmates, they are similar musically with a "classic indie rock" sound, embellished with glockenspiel and, on one song, didgeridoo. They finished their set with a "cover" of BOAT's "I'm a Donkey for Your Love" that featured both bands at once, a nice segue into the second half of the show.

MP3: Creeping Weeds – Long Way Down

"We Jam Super-Econo" Tour heads to the Northeast before swinging back to Brooklyn's Union Hall on Wednesday where they share the stage with My Teenage Stride. That's a hard bill to pass up, though the Muslims/Howlies show the same night at Union Pool (confusing, isn't it?) makes a tough decision. There's also the Vivian Girls at Death by Audio that night too. When it rains it pours.

Here are all the BOAT/Creeping Weeds dates…

August 18th-P.A.'s Lounge-Boston, MA
August 19th-The Oasis Pub-New London, CT
August 20th-Union Hall-Brooklyn, NY
August 21st-The Lantern-Blacksburg, VA
August 22nd-The Brillobox-Pittsburgh, PA
August 23rd-Schuba's-Chicago, IL

I went a bit crazy with videoing BOAT at this show. Here's "Make Way for the Genius to Appear":

And three more after the jump:

"Period Backlash Colon"

"Four Beds for BOAT":

And this was the last song of their set which I think is new. It's called "Lately, I've Been on My Back":


  1. Hmmm. I've been seriously considering seeing them tonight, despite my severe tireness… and this post may have pushed me off the fence. I'm gonna need a serious nap.

  2. They're always a fun show. Looking forward to seeing them at MFNW in Portland in a few weeks.
    I'd love to get my hands on Life is a Shipwreck – their 1st release – complete with handmade/homemade crafty packaging.

  3. you should move to seattle where Boat could be your favorite band and you wouldn't have those pesky problems of deciding whether to see boat, vivian girls, or the muslims.

  4. passion pit wednesday too. super tough decisions to make. especially since the muslims were bad ass last time they played union pool.

  5. I mean, tomorrow. The rest of the options pale tomorrow, because it's the last time Jeff is playing with My Teenage Stride.

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