Summer Fridays #4


Hey look — it’s a Summer Fridays mix that’s actually up on Friday!

Please note the non-sucky cover art this time, courtesy my friend Kate. Not sure why there is a turtle in the sky. (Would you like to contribute to a future mix? Drop me a line.) French artists on this mix are there so the “Quatre” part makes some kind of sense.

As for themes, there isn’t one…though there are a whole lot of songs with “girl” in the title. Not on purpose.

Download Summer Fridays Quatre.


1.     Katerine – Mon Coeur Balance   
2.     Kelley Stoltz – To Speak to the Girl   
3.     Galaxie 500 – Parking Lot   
4.     The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Sister Surround
5.     Tiger – On the Rose   
6.     Stereolab – Miss Modular   
7.     Bertrand Burgalat w/ Robert Wyatt – This Summer Night   
8.     Cut Off Your Hands – Oh Girl   
9.     Sic Alps – Message from the Law   
10.    The Rolling Stones – The Last Time
11.    The Modern Lovers – The Old World
12.    Hefner – Christian Girls
13.    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls
14.    Urge Overkill – Bottle of Fur
15.    The Jazz Butcher – Southern Mark Smith
16.    Billy Nichols – Girl from New York   
17.    The Girls – Lust for Life
18.    The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group – The Urban Gentleman
19.    Esser – I Love You

As always: This in an actual mix, the songs segue together despite
being separate tracks… so no shuffle, please! This mix will be
for one week only.


  1. Man, how I love "Bottle of Fur." That whole album was good – I still get "Heaven 90210" stuck in my head all the time.

  2. I've been loving your summer fridays! I have a "Harvey" folder in my playlists now full of them. Thanks 🙂

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