Summer Fridays #3: Late Edition

You’d think being unemployed would allow you all the time in the world to do stuff like write for this website and make mixes and post them when you say you’re going to. But alas sometimes other stuff gets in the way.

Nonetheless, here’s Summer Fridays 03. Apart from a couple songs, this is definitely more dancefloor-oriented and while I’m not in any way skilled at the art of beat-matching, there are a couple attempts at it here. Very happy to include The The’s “Giant,” one of my favorite walking-around-New-York songs ever. And that Dizzee-Calvin track is pretty irresistible. Enjoy.

Summer Fridays 03

1.    Metronomy – Heartbreaker
2.    Moonbabies – Sun A.M.  
3.    The Heart Strings – Kids
4.    Saint Etienne – Mario’s Cafe   
5.    Grovesnor – Drive Your Car (Grovesnor’s Rebel Quarter Version)   
6.    The Dø – Unissasi Laulelet   
7.    Dizzee Rascal w/ Calvin Harris – Dance Wiv Me
8.    Errors  – Salut! France
9.    Pacific – Sunset Blvd   
10.    MGMT – Kids   
11.    The Human League – Love Action
12.    Kelly Polar – Entropy Reigns
13.    The The – Giant   
14.    The New Sins – It Doesn’t Work Like That

As always: This in an actual mix, the songs segue together despite being separate tracks… so no shuffle, please! This mix will be available
for one week only. And again, if anyone wants to contribute artwork to
a future mix, drop me a line.


  1. Man! Please continue with the mixes when the summer is over. They are brilliant!
    Greetings from Sweden.

  2. Seriously. These mixes are sweet. Let's hear it for unemployment ; )
    Looking forward to the next one!

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