My New Favorite Single: Esser’s “Headlock”

Did the Collective We ever decide what the Song of the Summer was? This at least gets my vote for Single of the Week.

MP3: Esser – Headlock

London singer Ben Esser (who was one third of LadyFuzz if you remember them) looks like he stepped out of 1983, and his music also kind of has that bubbly, synthy bounce to it, but this feels very fresh to me. And it’s absolutely irresistible — hard to stay in a bad mood while it’s on, which may account for me listening to it about ten times today alone.

The video is really charming too, especially when it turns into a neighborhood dance party. He throws some great nervous glances at the camera:

Esser’s signed to Transgressive, which is also home to Jeremy Warmsley, Foals, The Young Knives and Liam Finn. His debut single, “I Love You,” is pretty great too — maybe you remember it as the closing track to Summer Fridays #4.


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