Have You Heard the American Sound?

There’s nothing bloggers like to do more than post holiday-appropriate MP3s. So here’s two songs about American music. One is genuine in intent, and the other is by Denim.

MP3: The Fleshtones – American Beat

MP3: Denim – American Rock

That Fleshtones song was originally on the Bachelor Party soundtrack, for what it’s worth, which also featured R.E.M., the unforgettable Oingo Boingo theme song and “Little Demon” by film co-star Adrian Zmed. It’s in print, oddly, unlike any of The Fleshtones’ classic ’80s catalog.


  1. That's two entries in a row with The Fleshtones. Look out, man. Someone's gonna mistake you for someone who likes himself some rock and roll.

  2. J@ Technically, the music The Fleshtones make is called "super rock." And I definitely like super rock.
    liz@ Yes, the same Denim who released Novelty Rock, which was a b-sides compilation. The same Denim started by onetime Felt man Lawrence. "American Rock" is from their 1992 (?) debut, Back in Denim.

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