A Superabundance of Young Knives Shows

Youngknives_milkI'm always a sucker for the underdogs, be it the Bahamian bobsled team, Judd Apatow-produced televisions shows, or the finest band Ashby-de-la-Zouch, UK… The Young Knives.

Actually, it's just Young Knives now, they lost the definite article somewhere during the making of their fine new album, Superabundance. A few other things have changed as well. Their trademark post-punk-i-ness and sense of humor are still intact, but the new album finds more melodicism, and a strong psychedelic influence in some of it's deeper cuts. And it just kind of rocks — Tony Doogan's production adds some much-needed muscle to the mix.

I like it a lot, though I'll admit I'm not so much a fan of the current single, "Turn Tail," which kind of sounds like it was written via record label mandate. And it baffles me why the Superabundance's catchiest song, "Fit for You," hasn't become a single. It was the standout from Young Knives NYC gigs last year.

That song could be the highlight of the East Coast shows Young Knives have lined up this weekend — three shows in the NYC area and one in Philadelphia. If I had my druthers, I'd be going to the Union Hall show but my parents are in town this weekend so you'll find me at the Mercury Lounge on Monday where they play with The Magic Wands. Here's the four-show rundown:

Jun 6    Studio B                Brooklyn
Jun 7    Union Hall              Brooklyn
Jun 8    Johnny Brenda’s     Philadelphia
Jun 9    Mercury Lounge      New York

: Young Knives – Fit 4 U

MP3: Young Knives – Up All Night

Buy Superabundance, won't you?

And a season-appropriate song from Voices of Animals and Men:

MP3: Young Knives – Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)

Young Knives also consistently make entertaining videos:

Up All Night

Turn Tail

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