Swervedriver | Music Hall of Williamsburg | 6.13.2008

Busy night last night. After Popfest at Cakeshop and Amazing Baby at Mercury Lounge, I hopped in a cab back to the WB to catch Swervedriver (again) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. I watched most of the show from the upstairs balcony where I dared to
take out my earplugs. MHoW may be the
best-sounding club in the city. Setlist was slightly different than at
, we also got "I am Superman" and "Girl on a Motorbike." Also a different vibe for sure than at Bowery Ballroom — somewhat younger, definitely more girls in attendance. And it's possible Swervedriver were even better. "Duel," "The Birds," and "For Seeking Heat" all sounded spectacular and the band was definitely feeding off the way-into-it crowd's energy. Drummer Jez, in particular, seemed to be having the time of his life. They burned up the stage — I hope this momentum leads to some new music.

SETLIST: sciflyer | juggernaut rides | sandblasted | the birds|  duel | girl on a
motorbike | these times | 99th dream | the hitcher | she's beside herself |
i am superman | never lose that feeling | behind the scenes | son of
mustang ford | for seeking heat | rave down

BV posted some great shots. Swervedriver plays Toronto tonight and Chicago tomorrow. And that's it, folks. For now.


  1. yo, baby, I was at that show…
    I saw swervedriver in 1998 (99th dream tour) in Atlanta.
    Anyway, it was not as loud as I had hoped/thought it would be!

  2. also you realize they were selling a new 7"…so your hope for new material seems to have come to fruition.

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