Andrew Scott on Sloan’s “Reggae” Song + Bowery Shows

In the weeks leading up to the release of Sloan's new album, Parallel Play (which is out today), Yep Roc records has been sending out emails with each of the band's four members giving behind the scenes looks at the songs they wrote for the album. We got the last one today, drummer Andrew Scott who contributes four songs to the album. Two of them are unlike anything Sloan have done before, one being the overtly Dylan-esque "Down in the Basement;" and the other being the controversial "reggae" number, "Too Many."

In his typical no-bullshit way, here's what Andrew Scott has to say about it:

I've been
addicted to Trojan box sets, and Studio One box sets and the like and
generally overload on vintage Jamaican ska, rocksteady, dub, etc. I think
the musicianship is outstanding and the whole scene was so formulaic in
that every song could almost be interchangeable yet each recording is
totally different and individual. If i were teaching somebody an instrument
– I'd recommend anything from this era (of which there is shitloads) and
I'd say "play along with this stuff." Also the productions are mind
boggling in their varied use of all the same simple elements – echo and
reverb. One doesn't even have to be a stoner to get into it either –
however it certainly doesn't hurt every now and then. I wanted to pretend I
was Prince Buster. I wanted it to be repetitive and kind of hypnotic but
tuneful as well. The only thing I regret is not putting horns and sax on
it. Next time…

MP3: Sloan – Too Many

Next time indeed. He also drops this nugget about the group's dynamic, which might be a little bit to "behind the curtain" for some:

I play all the instruments on my songs for expediencies sake
and because I am very picky about what gets played and how on "tape." When
we learn to play our records live, after they are made – then everyone else
has free license to play as they feel. It just sort of ended up being that
way since our third record.

I knew they basically did everything by themselves on the last couple records but was unaware it had been that way since One Chord to Another. Sloan plays Bowery Ballroom next Thursday and Friday and tickets are still available for both shows. I sound like a broken record, but if you've never seen Sloan live, you're really missing out.


  1. …and if you're seen Sloan at least once before, you've pretty much seen every Sloan show. Just kidding.
    A family commitment precludes me from joining in the festivities, unfortunately. I wish I knew where my photographs of seeing them in SF in 1999 were.

  2. I'm going to take your advice and check out Sloan Tuesday night here in DC at the Black Cat.

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