Lie On Your Back on a Cool Summer Night and Stare at the Shooting Stars

It’s a long weekend, the rain has finally given way to sunshine, and many of you are going to leave work early to head out somewhere nice. But even if you don’t get out of the city, here’s a couple songs that might give you that feeling of escape.

MP3: JC Carroll – Caveman TV
JC Carroll was the main songwriter for punk band The Members and I had no idea he was still making music until I heard the backsell of this tune on BBC 6music. I love the wistful "Everybody’s Talking" vibe, the lyrical hook and, of course, the harp. Some smart ad agency should snap this up and use it for a car or travel commercial and ruin it for everybody.

MP3: Bertrand Burgulat featuring Robert Wyatt – This Summer Night
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This song would still be good if someone else was on vocals, but Robert Wyatt’s distinctive world-weary-but-romantic delivery just makes it incredible. I wish Burgulat didn’t come in to sing near the end, his thin reedy voice (which I don’t mind in general) just doesn’t quite meld. Shouldn’t it have been a female, anyway? Nonetheless, I don’t tire of this one, perfect for "a night just made for dancing."

Photo from my friend Don’s Flickr photostream

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  1. Thanks for the Big Up… its all about a house I visit in The Pyranees, its in Cathar Country and it has a real magic about it, in Late August when the sky is clear the tail of a comet passes through the upper atmosphere…. and there is amazing lightshow….
    I have to say that my Friend Rob Grant in Maryland provided me with the backing track and inspiration… He is an internet collabber…
    the harmonica sound is actually a melodica and the song features mandolin and a ver old synth called an MS10… Its actually part of an opera called New English Blues….. which you can preview here

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