Getting High

So my cable provider, Time Warner, just announced that by the end of this year they’re upping the number of "free" HD channels to 50 as of today and promise over 100 by the end of the year. Wisely, they have eschewed things like AMC, Sci-Fi, FX, or Bravo in favor of channels like the Hallmark Movie Channel HD and A&E HD which, by the looks of the schedule, should actually be called the CSI Miami HD Channel.

But the best new addition to TWC’s HD line-up has to be NY1 HD, the station everyone turned on in the morning to get the time and temperature before we all got a widget to do the same on our computers. Actually, I’m pretty sure today was the debut of NY1 HD, and oh boy was it worth the wait:


I really feel sorry for the people with old-fashioned 4-3 TVs who don’t get to experience what I’m dubbing NY1’s "HD bars." This is truly "next gen."


  1. I don't think the NY1 signal is even HD – it looks like they just cranked up the sharpness on their standard feed. It looks awful. (And no widget can ever replace the subtle Canadian wit of Pat Kiernan.)

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