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DerbydayI don’t know much about Horse Racing, but today’s Kentucky Derby made me think about one of my favorite reggae songs: The Pioneers‘ "Long Shot Kick De Bucket." There are apparently loads of reggae songs about horse racing, more than there are non-reggae songs about any other sport. (Caymanas Park in Kingston, the setting of this song, is still hugely popular.) So I’m told. But this is the most famous, and the only one I know.

MP3: The Pioneers – Long Shot Kick De Bucket (buy it)

The Derby also made me think of the only other horse racing pop song I know, "The Fix," a duet between Richard Hawley and Guy Garvey that’s on Elbow’s new album, The Seldom Seen Kid. This one’s a lot of fun:

MP3: Elbow w/ Richard Hawley – The Fix (buy it)

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  1. Yes, songs do related to horse racing and the songs that I have come across are the mainstream ones back here in Australia.
    I also find that songs are also very motivating and scenes of horse racing.

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