The Cheesiest

Another great, lactose tolerance testing party from the folks at Slice, Gothamist and Fornino. It would be unfair to hold tonight’s festivities up against the last one two years ago (lightning in a bottle) but it was a whole lot of fun. And delicious. Fornino is my neighborhood pizza place, the food eaten at most LOST nights at my place, so I’m familiar with the menu but I had a couple pizzas I’d never tried before including arugula/gorgonzola/figs, pesto/shrimp, and the black trufflicious Tartufo. Also: another mozzarella-making demonstration from Fornino owner Michael Ayoub and some great spumoni.

And, of course, there was "Hot Kate" who took a lot of great photos and supplied the evening’s best quotes:

"Can you hold this for a second?"

"Oh my god…it’s too big!"

"My bag is wet!"

"What happened to my wheat?"

"Wait a minute, I said something else funny…"


  1. wait a sec, you are paraphrasing generously!
    "Can you hold this for a second?"
    "Oh my god…it's too big!"

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