I could’ve directed it: New Mystery Jets Video

I’ve waxed enthusiasic about the new Mystery Jets album, including the ’80s-sax-laden "Two Doors Down" which will be the album’s next single, and probably huge summer UK hit. But the video’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? The "Young Love" video was really clever, I thought, and this was just puts the band in dayglo shirts, skinny ties, pastel jackets… plus other vintage MTV trappings. Yawn. But the song remains irresistible, with one of my favorite lines of recent memory: "I hear she likes to dance ’round the room/to a worn-out 12" of Marquee Moon." I’d just better not see them wearing a graduation cap and a Beat t-shirt when you make a video for "MJ."

MP3: The Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Buy Twenty-One from 7 Digital)


  1. Damn, that's one catchy song–I'm gonna be singing that one in my head all day tomorrow.

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