Double Bill of the Week

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this Friday’s show at Mercury Lounge featuring two of New York’s best "dream pop" bands (trying to avoid the S-word). Headliners Dirty on Purpose haven’t played, aprart from opening for Band of Horses on Valentine’s Day, for five months or so, though they’ve been plenty busy. January saw the release of their great Like Bees EP while also releasing a free, digital-only EP,Dead Volcanoes, through, albiet in drips and drabs. The latter has been interesting to hear as it really finds the band stretching out and trying new things. I’m told that the final song they’ve yet to post is unlike anything they’ve ever done before (and George takes the rare lead vocals). Meanwhile, of the three that are currently available, I really like "The Thing About Getaways" and "Hard to Tell You" which sounds a bit like Luna covering "Crimson and Clover." (Nice spot, Sung Bin.) Friday is also bassist DJ Boudreau’s birthday, so be sure to buy him a shot… after the show, please.

Mahogany, meanwhile, have been laying low since releasing the masterful Connectivity! in 2006. I don’t think they’ve played a show since last summer. Their Myspace hasn’t really been updated since then either, so who knows what they have in store for us. Maybe some more of Connectivity!, as most of the shows I saw them play for that album were only about five songs deep. But they made up for it with the two-drummer, multiple guitarists and keyboardists and vocalists attack. And "Supervitesse" has yet to get old for me.

This is kind the 2008 equivalent of Ride and the Pale Saints touring together (which they did way back a licensed driver ago). It’s just one show, but still a perfect match. Tickets are $10 and will probably sell out before Friday I’d imagine.

In other Dirty on Purpose news, "Audience in the Room" from Like Bees can currently be heard in a Virgin Mobile commercial. (And I still think their cover of "Send Me an Angel" would be perfect for Gossip Girl.) Meanwhile, drummer Doug Marvin (who sings lead on "Getaways") has a solo project, Purse Snatchers, with some help from his wife Annie who plays in Au Revoir Simone when she’s not judging potential New York Noise VJs. The Purse Snatchers album, To Feet of Snow, is full of the pretty melodies and gentle singing athat Marvin brings to the songs he pens for Dirty on Purpose. There’s just more of them. And one of them is available on

MP3: Dirty on Purpose – Audience in the Room
(from Like Bees)

MP3: Mahogany – Springtime, Save Our Country
(from Connectivity!)


  1. "so be sure to buy him a shot… after the show, please."
    exactly. thank you for that.

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