Sound Bites Interview: Gerard Cosloy

Gerard Cosloy is Co-President of Matador Records, and ran Homestead Records before that. (My cassette of Homestead’s seminal 1988 compilation Human Music still gets play when I visit the parents.) When he’s not busy doing those things, he blogs about baseball. I pulled him aside after the Blog Factor panel at SXSW to talk, ever so briefly, about food. I was a little nervous, as the last time I’d spoken to Cosloy (on the phone as a college radio MD trying to get Matador to send us the Teenage Fanclub record; our station was more mainstream than a lot of college stations) he yelled at me. But it made his Top 10 Highlights of SXSW So Far, apparently, so maybe now would be a good time to hit him up again for A Catholic Education.

Sound Bites: The Matablog seems to be turning into a food blog.

Gerard Cosloy: Yeah, well we get hungry. Patrick [Amory, Matador GM] is a wiz in the kitchen. I do think if you look throughout the years, most people who were degenerate record collectors – as they move on in their lives, the only thing left for them is food. I look forward to the day when we move exclusively to food coverage and can stop putting out records altogether. That’s our five year goal.

SB: I know you posted endorsing Torchy’s Tacos as the place many may eat every meal during SXSW. Have you managed to eat elsewhere?

GC: I have, as a matter of fact.

SB: So what’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

GC: I’d rather not say — Austin restaurants are overrun this week as it is.

SB: This won’t go up till after SXSW.

GC: Well, in that case, Jonathan from Shearwater to me to a Vietnamese place on East Oltorf called Hai Ky which, for better or worse, is probably my favorite place in town these days. Very cheap, the food’s awesome, the people who work there are great. Sadly they’re closed Sundays, but what can you do?

MP3: The Young Fresh Fellows – Taco Wagon

Photo courtesy Mr. Cosloy; credit, according to him, "Dick Avedon." Ahem.


  1. Harvey,
    Gerard was the only one willing to talk about something other than themself on that Blog Factor panel… perhaps that's why he's the only one I wanted to hear speak. I thought it was interesting to get the perspective of the label when discussing mp3 usage and such on blogs.
    But no… dude from Stereogum would much rather rail on publicists and labels who don't communicate with each other and therefore put him out.

  2. I absolutely agree with liz that Gerard was the the only who wanted to talk about something other than themself.
    And irs true that the matador bacomes more food blog today, if you click through the blog you'll understand why. Its Ok that G about his point view concerning it and avoided many extra questions on forums.
    In the next interview it would be better to see something concerning the prospects and future plans. thnx

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