Let the Royalties Roll In…


Hey, I’ve been covered! The classic Mid-’90s music nerd romantic angst nugget by My Legendary Girlfriend (US) gets the studio treatment by snarky, nasally NYC punks The Behoovers:

MP3: The Behoovers – Mix Tapes for Girls

Apparently the Behoovers’ new album, Boca Raton, has been out since December but the band just sent me a copy of the CD today. You can buy it at Amazon.

It’s a pretty straight-up reading of the song with some cool little electronic touches that I might have done if I’d had better equipment. And it features a better guitar solo (though I still like the one-note Neil Young style one I put to it). Compare and contrast:

MP3: My Legendary Girlfriend – Mix Tapes for Girls

If you’re dying to hear more of MLG, there’s this old post. The Behoovers’ front man, Jon, was my first boss in NYC and the little 8-track reel-to-reel studio in the office was where I recorded it.

The Behoovers play Matchless in Greenpoint on March 1st with Wormburner.



  1. What was the band the Jon was in before that? They did a song I'm moving to Seattle, or something to that effect. Was it the Cogs?

  2. That's right, The Cogs. "Moving to Seattle" was a single, recorded in the same studio as "Mix Tapes for Girls."

  3. That's a damn good cover, especially the little beep and bloops. Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to the original.

  4. What ARE those bleeps and bloops?
    Very cool song..conjures images of stressing out over the tape running out of space and desperately searching for that song that comes in under 1:43

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