These are the Breaks

BreakingbadIf you’re not passed out after the Super Bowl and can tear yourself away from whatever super-extra-complicated disease FOX has cooked up for their post-game episode of House, I highly recommend you switch over to AMC for the rebroadcast of the first two episodes of Breaking Bad, maybe the best new television show since the network gave us Mad Men over the summer.

While initial descriptions made it sound like another Weeds, we’ve got much darker material here, with Brian Cranston (the dad from Malcolm in the Middle) as a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher who, upon turning 50, experiences a mother of a midlife crisis. Cranston absolutely makes the show that might have been crass with another actor. And when I say dark, I’m talking tar black. But it’s also very funny and, after two episodes, I really have no idea where it’s going next. I can’t say that about many shows.

The episodes start at 10pm tonight… set your TiVos/DVRs if you have to. Or if you don’t have cable, you can watch them right now online.

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