Puppet Show

From the "Things I’ve Been Looking for for Almost 20 Years" Department comes this animated short by John Weldon who made a lot of stuff for National Film Board of Canada, perhaps one of the most awesome government organizations in the world. I saw Spinnolio originally on The Great Space Coaster (which I was probably too old to be watching) and remember thinking, "This is pretty f-ed up and funny… and not the sort of thing you should be on a kids’ show." Maybe Goriddle was a closet commie.

I only saw it that one time but it stuck in my brain ever since. Over the years I’d tell people about it but nobody else had heard of it. I’d since found record of its existence via the internet and learned you could order it on DVD from the NFB’s website, as part of a John Weldon collection (he also made Bob & Margaret) but never did it. Ever since the arrival of YouTube, I’ve searched ever couple of months for it, whenever it crossed my mind. And today it was there. Made 30 years ago, Spinnolio still feels pretty fresh and subversive. I think my favorite part is that he gets an "A" in Patriotism.

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