Update on Those Clean Shows at Cakeshop

The facts are these. The Clean are playing three nights at Cake Shop, Nov 29 – Dec 1. (They’re also playing Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on Dec. 2.) It’s the classic line-up with brothers David and Hamish Kilgour as well as bassist Robert Scott. The band are in New York working on a new album, their first since 2001’s Getaway, and will be be playing these shows "just to have some fun and work on stuff outside the rehearsal space."

There are no advance tickets for the Cake Shop shows but you can reserve them. Just email Cake Shop with the number of tickets you need and what night you wish to attend. They got back to me the next day. The Dec. 1 show probably has the most notable openers — Columbus’ Times New Viking and Hamish Kilgour’s band Mad Scene — and could have that "third time’s a charm" thing going for it. Though I liked what I heard from Friday night openers Crystal Stilts.

Whichever night, I urge you to attend one of these. As I’ve said previously, indie rock probably wouldn’t sound like what it does today if it wasn’t for the Clean. (Similar, probably, but not quite the same.) And given the quality of Kilgour’s recent output — as well as Robert Scott’s awesome other band, The Bats — this has a good chance of being great, old stuff and new.

MP3: The Clean – Getting to You
(From 1990’s Vehicle, out-of-print, and this song’s not on Anthology)


  1. Matt and I are coming to the Saturday night show…maybe we'll see you there?

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