The Brit Box: Nonexistent Disc 5

Rhino’s cool "alternative" box set of 2007 is The Brit Box which I wrote about back in August. It’s in stores this week. As I said then, it does a pretty admirable job of documenting the cool music coming out of the UK between 1985 – 2000,  but it’s really for beginners, as anyone who was really into the scene then probably already has most of this stuff. My only interest, personally, is reading the liner notes.

It’s also got a few omissions, no surprise. (And it’s got some weird/overly-obvious song choices.) I was going to offer up about a disc’s worth of extra tracks which are certainly as worthy to be apart of the set as Kula Shaker, Five-Thirty, Marion, Rialto, or Hurricane #1, but I came up with a lot more than I thought I would so I’m going to do it in two parts. So here’s the imagined fifth disc to the set, with another to come later in the week. I stuck to the same criteria as they did — guitar-based UK bands from the same years, and kept it to a length that will fit on one CD. I’ve also included the original, seven-minute, single version of The Boo Radley’s "Lazarus" which crushes the short album version Rhino included in the  box. I tried not to be too obscure.

Also, I’ve got a little room on Nonexistent Disc 6, so if you have suggestions for it, leave it in the comments and if it’s not already on my planned tracklist (and it’s not something I dislike) I’ll try and throw it in.

These wont’ be up for long, so get ’em while you can.

MP3: That Petrol Emotion – It’s a Good Thing

MP3: Easterhouse – Whistling in the Dark

MP3: The Lilac Time – Return to Yesterday

MP3: The Popinjays – Vote Elvis

MP3: The House of Love – I Don’t Know Why I Love You

: The Power of Dreams – Never Told You

MP3: A House – Endless Art

MP3: Kingmaker – Really Scrape the Sky

: Adorable – Sunshine Smile

MP3: The Pooh Sticks – Young People

MP3: The Boo Radleys – Lazarus

MP3: The Wedding Present – Silver Shorts

MP3: Strangelove – Sand

: Warm Jets – Autopia

MP3: Animals That Swim – London Bridge

MP3: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Young Girls and Happy Endings

MP3: Subcircus – 86’d

: Longpigs – On and On

You can by Rhino’s Brit Box here. Or if you want a free one, visit I Am Fuel, You Are Friends… they’re giving one away.


  1. I love your shoes – Furniture
    Penelope tree – Felt
    Drive blind – Ride
    You may have those covered but I've always liked the first two bands, in fact Furniture is my favourite 80ties band.
    And then Drive Blind is just the best track that Ride ever mustered in my opinion, and it's so true they really were 'middle class and safe' but I give them some props for Drive Blind.

  2. A good box for beginners and nice suggestions.
    What about :
    Radiohead – Creep
    The Auteurs – Lenny Valentino
    The Woodentops – Good thing
    Slowdive – Alison
    My Life Story – Sparkle
    Tindersticks – She's gone
    McCarthy – The well-fed point of view
    The Field Mice – Sensitive
    The Pastels – I'm alright with you
    The Weather Prophets – Always the light
    Mogwai – Tracy

  3. Robin,
    Felt and Ride are already on the Brit Box, I'm trying to post artists who *aren't*; Charlie, I think you will like Nonexistent Disc 6… though I'm not a MLS fan.

  4. Brilliant Corners: Somebody up there likes me.
    Railway children – another town
    Triffids – wide open road
    Go-Betweens – streets of your town
    Soup dragons – soft as your face
    Off the top of my head.

  5. Paris Angels 'All On You Perfume' Spirea X 'Chlorime Dream' The Weather Prophets 'Almost Prayed' Bodines 'Therese'

  6. Teenage Fanclub 'Starsign'. Sorry, I should've done these in one go. I'm sure there's tons of others that are more deserving than Hurricane fucking #1

  7. Gonna post Part 2 soon but…
    Triffids and Go Betweens are Australian…
    Soup Dragons not a bad suggestion… Spirea X,i've got the "Speed Reaction" single somewhere, that's the other song on there, right?… Paris Angels I dislike so nope…Weather Prophets and Bodines are a bit obscure Creation as much as I love them both… Fatima Mansions maybe, though I never got into them…

  8. The Spirea X single I've got is Chlorine Dream and Risk as the B Side, so yeah post the one you've got, cos I, um, havn't got it. World Of Twist 'Sons of the Stage'. How can you not like 'All On You Perfume'? One perfect single-everyone's got one perfect single in them. Wedding Present should really be something off George Best. Also, not English but they made it here Sugarcubes 'Fuckin in Rhythm and Sorrow'. Until i think of anything else…

  9. Oh yeah, I vote for Lenny Valentino as well.
    Thats all for now.

  10. Some good choices. I'd pick almost anything by Half Man Half Biscuit, Amsterdam – Does this train stop on Merseyside, Scorpio Rising – Watermelon, something by Jacob's Mouse.
    Weather Prophets weren't that obscure – Almost Prayed was a big indie hit.
    Looking forward to disc 6.

  11. Better picks from bands on BBox
    Catherine Wheel – Flower To Hide
    Ride – Dreams Burn Down
    Slowdive – Sing
    No Embrace?
    No South?
    No Witness?
    …and YEAH where the hell is Adorable?
    oh well.

  12. The Warm Jets "Autopia" chorus sounds like, "…exploding dreams are lost and rockets are near and there's no way gettin' out of there…" but I don't think that's correct. anyone?

  13. It took me a while, but I finally discovered these posts. I'm part of the team at Rhino that put The Brit Box together and LOVE the idea of extra discs! There's no way to do an exhaustive survey on four CDs (or even five or six, apparently), but the hope is to whet people's appetite for more of what I'd term "classicist guitar pop." With that in mind, here's another Nonexistent Disc 5:
    Strawberry Switchblade – Trees & Flowers
    Talulah Gosh – Talulah Gosh
    Jet Set – Make Believe World Of Melanie Bennett
    Biff Bang Pow – It Happens All The Time
    Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Lightning Seeds — Pure (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    Something Pretty Beautiful – Free Fall
    Popinjays – Vote Elvis (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    Kitchens Of Distinction – Drive That Fast (had been an alternate)
    Milltown Brothers – Which Way Should I Jump?
    House Of Love – The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    Slowdive — Alison (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    Adorable – Sunshine Smile (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    Kinky Machine – Swivelhead (had been an alternate)
    Dentists – Space Man
    Radiohead – High & Dry (we tried unsuccessfully to get "My Iron Lung")
    Belle & Sebastian – The State That I Am In (much argued about, but the "no" votes eventually carried the day)
    Heavy Stereo – Cartoon Moon (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    60 Ft. Dolls — Stay (we tried unsuccessfully to license this one)
    Shack – Natalie’s Party
    Will definitely check out some of the others mentioned. Thanks for the suggestions!

  14. I'm glad that I've found your site. Thank you for sharing your talent and helpful information with us. You are a bright light!

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