Thanksgiving Aftermath

Thanksgiving2007_2Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, as it’s all-inclusive. It doesn’t matter what religion, race, nationality…if you are here, you’re welcome to be apart of it. The more the merrier. And I love big potluck dinners, especially when everyone is trying to bring the delicious.
This was maybe the best Thanksgiving, foodwise, in quite a while. Nobody tried to fancy it up too much (a crime committed by me in the past), all the standards were covered but with extra attention. Just awesome.

I took it easy this year, after treating previous Thanksgivings as a competition, making three things but they were all fairly easy. White bean spread for crostini using Cellini Runner beans from Rancho Gordo, the beans being so good I almost ate them all the night before; curried cauliflower, using Ganda’s recipe again, as a base, though upping the dose of spices and adding dijon mustard and unknown chiles from that stand in the Union Square Greenmarket … excellent, and even better cold the next day; and green tea vanilla ice cream which was very good though not quite as green tea-y as I would’ve hoped. But not bad for an idea I did on the spot. Plus a jar of Windy City Wasabeans from Rick’s Picks, a big hit.

I ate leftovers the rest of the weekend, barely leaving the house, watching a lot of Picket Fences Season 1 (not as good as I’d remembered) and too many episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube. (If you’ve never seen the episode with Amy Winehouse from a year ago, it’s a must: Pts one, two, and three) Ate out Sunday night at Momofuku Ssam Bar, which was great. But I’m not sure anything was as good as that cauliflower.

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