He’s a Peculiar Boy

Hereos_hesfrankOK, this is driving me crazy. Does anyone know what band/artist is performing the cover of The Monochrome Set’s "He’s Frank" in the club scene of tonight’s episode of Heroes? ("Four Months Ago") I have Googled, gone on message boards, etc, all to no avail.

I love the Monochrome Set and "He’s Frank" is one of their best-known songs. The only band I’ve ever heard cover it is The Sneetches, which they actually released as a single back in 1989 or so. This version sounded more like Iggy Pop or Alabama Three or Leonard Cohen. But I’m stumped. This is what the Internet is for, right? Surely someone knows.

In the meantime, here’s both the original and the Sneetches’ cover:

MP3: The Monchrome Set – He’s Frank (Slight Return)

MP3: The Sneetches – He’s Frank

UPDATE: Unlikely as this sounds, I remembered this morning that an old friend of mine, Errol, is actually producing the Heroes soundtrack. So I emailed him with my query and I got this response: "Ah – thats off the forthcoming soundtrack and is not available anywhere yet…  ; )." Gee, thanks, Mr. Evasive. I then prodded him further and he told me but asked that I not reveal it. It was recorded exclusively for the soundtrack… which doesn’t have a release date yet but will be "early 2008."

And if you aren’t familiar with The Monochrome Set, they were certainly one of the odder bands from the post-punk era — dandys with razor-sharp, funny lyrics, and cabaret stylings but yet they kind of rocked in their own way. Also makers of great instrumentals. You can’t miss with this Greatest Hits collection. I’m going to have to do a proper post on these guys sometime soon….


  1. I would love to have this song too! I have been searching for it myself with no luck! Keep me posted if you come across the artist with this new cover!

  2. As a huge Monochrome Set fan and former Sneetches manager I, too, am dying to know who did it. Any hints?

  3. Well I thought about offering a hint Blind Item style but was either coming up with things that were too obvious or way, way too vague. Um… the vocals are not from someone obscure. If you hear it and you think it might be So and So, it could well be. But it's a collaboration with someone else, someone I've never heard of before and couldn't find *any* info on.

  4. A Heroes soundtrack CD? Do you have some sort of emo-resistant mutant power?
    Caught some of last night's show after running, screaming, earlier this season. I knew Kristen Bell couldn't act, but didn't know just how much she couldn't act!

  5. Yes, I know Iggy's Voice I'm 95% sure its him singing "he's frank" but i don't think its released yet could be a very recent cover maybe made down in Florida

  6. its by iggy pop and norman cook (aka fat boy slim)
    Dont you prefer the original or scarlets well (bids newest band) i know i do!!

  7. From the Myspace page of wildly Successful european dance remixer & recording artist "Fatboy Slim" AKA Norman Cooke (Think the British Version of Moby).
    20 – 11 – 2007
    He's Frank
    He's Frank, from Norman's upcoming album was featured heavily in this week's episode of Heroes, broadcast on 12th November on NBC in the US.
    Without giving too much of the plot away, the new track, which features the inimitable legend Iggy Pop on vocals, was played in a nightclub scene for about a minute and a half.
    This was extra special for us as the show rarely uses non commissioned music in this way.
    Keep your eyes and ears open for more new tracks surfacing very soon.

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