Adiós Matamoros

Matamoros_sopes1After 18 months of having a For Sale sign in their window, looks like Matamoros Puebla Grocery has finally given up the ghost. I headed there yesterday for some lunch and they were gutting the place. I was gutted too. They might’ve been merely renovating, I couldn’t bring myself to inquire, but I’m guessing not. The shutters were down when I walked by around 11am this morning.

Matamoros was one of the few places on Bedford that was still around from when I first moved to Williamsburg ten years ago. It was there that I first had "authentic" Mexican food and it’s cheap and delicious tacos, sopes and tortas got me through some lean years and continued to eat there probably twice a week. It was also my source for perfect avocados, crema, cotija cheese, dried chiles and bizarre tamarind candy. Mostly I will miss their amazing sopes, pictured above. I’ve had better tacos elsewhere in the city, but nobody did sopes as good as Matamoros. I am very sad.


  1. I'm sad, too. Though I'm rarely in Williamsburg these days, when I've been there it was always a nice, cheap place to get great Mexican food, though admittedly I only found out about it a few years ago (probably from this blog). It just means that I'll have to venture out to Sunset Park the next time I'm in Brooklyn, I suppose. Then again, here in Philly we're blessed with amazing, authentic and cheap Mexican food that rivals anything there (that I've had, at least).

  2. Hi, I found you while searching for photos of Matamoros.
    Sunday was a sad day. I asked if they might be remodeling (even though I knew they weren't) and the guy who always works there told me it was 'finito.'
    For me, it's the end of an era. I have no idea where I'm going to find good tortas with pierna adobada or tostadas with al pastor.
    I used your photos in my post about Matamoros. I gave you credit and added a link, I hope that's ok.

  3. That’s really sad. I also like essay writing help and Mexican food a lot. As it has very different kind of taste in all the dishes. And every time I went to this restaurant I enjoyed their cuisines. Well, hope someone open the same place soon.

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