Dirty on Purpose | Music Hall of Williamsburg | 9.28.2007

Dop_mhow01Any post I write about Dirty on Purpose is going to be a little biased as they are friends of mine. But I would be a fan even if that wasn’t the case I would like them — their melodic, shoegazer pop hits all my buttons — and I genuinely think they just keep getting better.

Friday was the last night of their tour with Fujiya & Miyagi and their first time playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg. This was easily the best sounding gig of theirs I’d ever attended. MHoW’s sound system is state-of-the-art, and Dirty on Purpose sounded epic. Arena even. Guitars roared and chimed. Yet everything was crystal clear, the bass and drums, everything where it should be… maybe the vocals were a little low but that always seems to be a problem with them. DoP are a band of quiet singers.

Despite being openers it was clear there were plenty of people there to see them — it was a hometown audience and all. A set full of crowd pleasers — "No Radio," "Marfa Lights," "Car No-Driver" — plus a new one (the tremolo-heavy "Audience") from their upcoming Like Bees EP, another new one that I don’t think they’ve recorded yet, and their cover of Real Life’s synth-pop hit "Send Me an Angel" which they’ve been doing for about a year.

The latter I’m sure started as a joke but over the last six months or some has really come into its own and is now genuinely awesome, with George Wilson’s guitars going into freakout overdrive. It’s still dancey, a little gothy, but with that MBV treatment to it. It would sound brilliant on Gossip Girl in one of the show’s many over-the-top party scenes… someone get Alex Patsavas a copy of the EP now.

MP3: Dirty on Purpose – Send Me an Angel

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