CMJ 2007 Day Three | British Sea Power | Bowery Ballroom

Ida_mariaBritish Sea Power are responsible for one of my favorite gigs of the last five years (NorthSix, August 2003) but it was not exactly their night on Thursday. It was still better than most of the shows I went to that week. Singer
Noble has a mesmerizing voice that my friend Kate says "is like a
cocoon." And their abbreviated set meant we only got a greatest his
set (plus two new songs, one of which being the Wedding Present-esque single "Atom"), short but satisfying. So where did it all go so-so? CMJ audiences are not the most attentive — there was a group of fratty dudes up front who would not shut up. This probably wouldn’t have been a problem if BSP were playing at their normal volume but for whatever reason the amps were below the band’s normal gale force. It definitely knocked the wind out of their sails.


  1. They were definitely loud here in Philly last Tuesday, but the poor sound kinda ruined their set for me. I could barely make out one song from another and what was weird is that the club I saw them at (Johnny Brenda's) usually has excellent sound. The bass was turned up WAY too loud and the vocals were way too low. It's too bad as I really like them on record (the new album is possibly their best yet) and I'd never seen them before.

  2. i know the guys were a little exhausted from the long day – sound check at 1pm followed by non-stop interviews and stuff. Still, i thought the show was good, then again i love the band so much and work for em so i'm biased! thanks for coming out!

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