Amazing Tweeland: The Royal We

TheroyalweYou have to sort of admire their conviction at this point, unleashing a band like this on us and telling us, essentially, "you missed it, but here they are anyway." I came across The Royal We via Franz Ferdinand’s MySpace page earlier this year and have been waiting for these Glaswegians to release something ever since.

Well, they’ve since been signed to Domino, with an album out November 5… their debut and final album. One album then break up — talk about high concept! And what shows are still to come are farewell shows.* America is not in the cards. They’re not even accepting
new MySpace friends… that or they hate me.

It’s just cruelty, because the single "All the Rage" is one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time.

MP3: The Royal We – All the Rage

According to that bio, Los Angeleno Jihae Simmons moved to Glasgow with visions of the city being an "amazing tweeland" where the sounds of Orange Juice and Belle & Sebastian ever-present. With that attitude, she soon insinuated herself in the scene and had formed a band. The band were the band to see in Glasgow the summer of 2006, but Simmons is returning to LA and seems to have no intentions of keeping The Royal We together. Again, admirable, but what if they take off? I hope they stick to their ephemeral guns. Better to leave a good looking corpse.

Speaking of, here’s the video for "All the Rage" which takes the chorus of "baby take my arms, baby take my legs" to heart:

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