Young Knives on Solid Ground

Youngknives_terrafirmaWhile on Ollie Evans’ page on the Partizan Pictures website, I saw that they had just posted the video for the new Young Knives single, "Terra Firma."

I was expecting the first new single from the Hartnol brothers to be "Fit for You," which they’ve been playing at live shows for some time. Maybe they’re saving it for when the album is closer to release, as they don’t even have a title yet. (I don’t even think they’ve finished recording with producer Tony Doogan [Belle & Sebastian, Delgados, SFA]).

Nonetheless, "Terra Firma" is more friendly than almost anything the Young Knives have released before, yet there’s no question whose song it is.

MP3: Young Knives – Terra Firma

Sorry you didn’t win the Mercury, guys. Oh, here’s the video:


  1. thanks for posting this, love the song and since it's not out until next month I haven't been able to find it anywhere. the video for it is very odd though.

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