Trouser Wedge

Trouser_wedgeI came home the other night and couldn’t get the front door of my building open. I yelled up to see if any of my neighbors were home to let me in, when I noticed the AC unit of my downstairs neighbor, Pat.

Even though it was 20 feet up, the blue, pink and white spine was instantly recognizable: The Trouser Press Record Guide. Not only is it good for learning about everyone from the Velvet Underground and the Bonzo Dog Band to Joy Division and Nirvana, it’s also the perfect height to help prop up an air conditioner.

Not only was the TPRG my music bible in college, essential to my becoming a music know-it-all, I also used to work with TP editor Ira Robbins… all I can say is…sorry.

MP3: The Bonzo Dog Band – Trouser Press

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