Plastiscines + White Williams | Mercury Lounge | 9.05.2007

"Un, deux, trois, quatre!"

The most prominent of les bébés rockers hit the city this week, with Wednesday’s show at Mercury Lounge being their only club show (An Urban Outfitters in-store and a private show being their other two appearances). Young and pretty, Plastiscines play 1979-era new wave, with the occasional nod to trad French pop, which makes them kind of sound like the Long Blondes (singer Katty Besnard has that same sort of clear voice that Kate Jackson has) or even The Monochrome Set.

I was a little disappointed those Frenchier aspects of their sound weren’t represented at their Mercury Lounge show — I really wanted to hear "(Zazie Fait de la) Bicyclette" — but it’s hard to fault the joie de rock Plastiscines bring to the stage. And despite their fashion-spread-ready appeal, they are no more a gimmick than the Runaways were in the ’70s. Their 35-minute set, not sold out but crowded, featured most of their debut, LP1, plus a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s "These Boots are Made for Walkin’." The star of the show, I think, was guitarist Marine Neuilly who was in a constant state of movement, thrashing around the stage and spinning like a top. Would I see them again? Mais oui.

MP3: Plastiscines – La Règle Du Jeu

MP3: PLastiscines – (Zazie Fait de la) Bicyclette

Plastiscines’ LP1 is out September 18. (Buy it.) More photos on my Flickr page, and here’s video I shot of them performing their single "Loser":

Preceding Plastiscines were trio White Williams who sported a strong Eno and Afropop influence (yet they don’t really sound like Talking Heads) but don’t really have much stage presence, and had me heading to the other room after about three songs. Surrounded by tables covered in keyboards, singer Joe Williams was too busy fiddling with knobs to give the audience much attention, and it felt more like a rehearsal than a show. It wasn’t till the next day that I discovered they were a "band to watch." After listening to some of their recorded tracks, I gotta admit they’ve got something but White Williams seriously need to work on their show. Until they figure it out, I would call them a "band to listen to."

Stereogum was there for White Williams
but left before Plastiscines… their loss. Nice writeup and pictures.


  1. Something about post-punk sung in french just sounds so cool. They definitely owe a bit of the sound to Jacques Dutronc, too bad all their songs aren't sung in french. Speaking of french rocknroll, when's the next Katerine record due?

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