New Roisin Murphy | “Let Me Know”

I saw Moloko almost exactly ten years ago at Knitting Factory when they toured for Do You Like My Tight Sweater? — I went on a whim and was blown away by their roof-raising abilities. Above all else, I remember singer Roisin Murphy  holding court over the totally-into-it crowd, wearing a big, flap-eared fur hat. She was pure sex and it blew my little mind.

I never liked Moloko quite as much as that night, but her solo career has been more interesting to me. Her 2005 solo debut, featuring blippy jazz courtesy cut-n-paste wiz Matthew Herbert, was pretty genius, and felt like a step forward for Murphy in every way. The follow-up, Overpowered, looks to be a little more normal — straight-up disco — but that is a relative term with Murphy. The title track was my personal 2007 Summer Jam, and I’m still not tired of it. We’re still a month off from Overpowered‘s release (Oct. 15) but Murphy has just released the second single, "Let Me Know," which was co-written by Groove Armada’s Andy Cato. It’s another ridiculously catchy slab of first-class dancefloor fodder. Resistance is futile… if you like this kind of stuff.

MP3: Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know

Please enjoy the video, too, where Murphy turns a late-night diner into a disco paradise, as only she can. As you can see, her love of hats remains…


  1. "really strange chemistry-themed vocals" More like pathetic school girl
    envy lyrics what did she not think Avril Levine's Girlfriend was a significant contribution to the let's shag some other woman's man literary consciousness?

  2. I quite like it. Her style is on POINT. The song is fun & great to hear out at a club. Keep it up Roisin!

  3. you people take things too literally. roisin is stunning.

  4. You should make this post like into a definitive guide or something. I bet a lot of your new readers that come to this site would want to be able to find this post. It's too good to keep secret!

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