We’re Serious: New Richard Hawley

RichardhawleyRichard Hawley‘s new album, Lady’s Bridge, doesn’t drop until October 2nd here in the US but it’s out Monday in the UK. Like Hawley’s other albums, it’s lush and beautiful, with Hawley’s modern-day balladeering sure to make you swoon. But it’s also got some downright peppy numbers too, like this one:

MP3: Richard Hawley – Serious (Buy it from Mute)

There’s a deluxe edition with bonus DVD — let’s hope we in America get the same option in October. And Richard, you better tour here too.

Mute is also giving away a handwritten lyrics sheet. Click here for the details.


  1. Hi. I wrote you some time ago and asked you to put the search function in – thanks for doing that. I'm back with another suggestion: perhaps you can make the links to songs open in a new window? I often find myself wanting to read the post *while* I'm listening to a track. Right now, I can't do that without some effort.
    Still loving your choices.

  2. i couldn't agree more. richard hawley is a singular talent. i wish he got more pub. 🙂

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