Calvin Harris Makes Merry at Mercury Lounge Sept. 12

There are a lot of potential nominees for Party Record of the Year (LCD Soundsystem, Simian Mobile Disco, Justice, New Young Pony Club) but Calvin HarrisI Created Disco is certainly up there. Brash, funny, and funky (and ultimately disposable), it’s about as good a going out album are you’re likely to be listening to right now. All the more impressive when you learn it was made in Harris’ spare time on an old Amiga computer. (So the legend goes, at least.)

It sounds it too, minimal with rarely more than a beat, a bassline and the 23-year-old’s voice. And maybe a little synthesizer. The sound owes a whole lot to the year of his birth — from the single "Acceptable in the ’80s," to the Visage-cribbing "Colours," to his, at times, uncanny vocal resemblance to Phil Oakey. Released earlier this summer in the UK, I Created Disco gets its stateside debut September 4. A week later, Calvin makes his way here for his first US shows, including a stop at Mercury Lounge on September 12. Tickets are on sale now. He also plays The Echo in Los Angeles on the 14th. I kinda wish the NYC show was happening at Studio B, which seems more appropriate, but what are you gonna do.

Here’s the new UK single, "Merry Making at My Place," the second-best track ever to feature the repeated phrase "My house, my house."

MP3: Calvin Harris – Merry Making at My Place
(pre-order I Created Disco)

And the video:

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