The Emmys: Nothing is Impossible, Except Dinosaurs

Holy crap, 30 Rock gets 10 Emmy nominations, including Best Comedy, Best Actor (Alec Baldwin), Best Actress (Tina Fey), and Direction. It also got two for writing — "Jack-tor"  (aka the "pos-mens" episode), and the equally-funny "Tracy Does Conan," though personally I would have offered the near-perfect "The Head and the Hair" or "The Source Awards" up for eligibility. If there was a category for Best Hats, I’m sure Frank would’ve been nominated too. Sure, they’ll lose most of them to Ugly Betty and Two and a Half Men, but for a show I figured would get ignored, this restores a modicum of faith in award shows. This feeling will fade quickly no doubt.*

If you’re still not hip to the funniest new series of the 2006-07 season, you can watch all the episodes online for free. And the Season One DVD set comes out September 4. And if you’re already a fan, did you know Kenneth has his own talk show on the website? And that Frank has a blog?

And in other Emmy news, "Dick in a Box" is up for Outstanding Music and Lyrics.

Friday Night Lights, no surprise, got shafted (two noms for Casting and Directing), but it still seems a crime that Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton didn’t get Best Actor and Actress nominations.

*The love is gone. Any year where On the Lot gets more nominations than The Wire is not a good Emmy Year.


  1. I still hold that "Hard Ball" was top-to-bottom the best 23 minutes of television this year. (Not counting the Hasselhoff video, of course, which was ROBBED.)

  2. Oh yeah, "Hard Ball" is great too, probably the only episode to really use Jane Krakowski well.

  3. hey bill, this is tony from iowa, i'm gonna be in nyc 8/2 to 8/7, hope to see you. i'm gonna try to see the trail of dead show on 8/2 at luna lounge, maybe get sandy to get me ticks in advance. i don't love them but i have one cd and it's pretty good, i heard they're good live.
    anyway, love your blog, it's one of very few worth looking at! i've seen 30 rock a coupla times and i don't quite know how to respond to it. i think it's good though, i just don't know why. alec baldwin? tell me if they're any cool shows you'd recommend while i'm there. later b-dog…

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