Go See the DeathSet Tonight

For those of you who are scared to go to Todd P  shows (you know, ’cause the kids are running wild) and other "non-traditional" venues, here’s your chance to see the super-fun duo The DeathSet on an actual stage — playing with Suicide tonight for free at the Seaport. This is a pretty good double bill, as the DeathSet are direct descendants of Vega/Rev sound, albeit a much happier sound.

For the uninitiated, imagine Toni Basil’s "Mickey" played by two hyperactive, laptop-savvy punks, out of their minds on sugary breakfast cereal. Or, if you remember the mid-’90s, they sound a lot like Bis. They were great when I saw them at Don Pedro’s.

MP3: The DeathSet – Impossible

MP3: The DeathSet – Distressed by Late Night Television

Photo swiped from joshsisk’s Flickr photostream.

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