Fugiya & Miyagi + Black Moth Super Rainbow | South Street Seaport Center | 7.06.2006

A perfect day for Seaport Music Fridays with one of my favorite new acts of the last year. The weather couldn’t have been better, the crowd was out in force, and we found a place in the Seaport’s food court that sold 32 oz beers for $4.50. What more do you need?

Though word is they’re looking to add a drummer, Fujiya & Miyagi were still relying on programmed beats for last night’s show. Which was just fine. As a trio, put on a really fun show and the audience was well into their funky brand of Kraut-ish dance music. Opening with "Cassette Single," F&M nearly all of last year’s Transparent Things as well as new single "Uh" and maybe a couple yet-to-be-released songs. Encore numbers "Collarbone" and "Ankle Injuries" had the boardwalk bouncing hardest.

MP3: Fujiya & Miyagi – Uh

My favorite part of the show? Watch this dude dance:

The openers were good too. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Pittsburgh banned all French music in 2002 so residents had to form their own version of Air — which the city decided to call Black Moth Super Rainbow. Horrible name we’ll all agree, but if you’re a fan of thick analog keyboards, loungey grooves and vocoder, these kids do the trick. Unfortunately, they forgot to bring keyboard stands, so the band had to play sitting on the stage cross-legged.  Guys, this is what a manager is for. Look into it. They didn’t seem to mind, though it made it hard for most of the audience to see what they were doing. Not like there was a lot to look at anyway, but it sure sounded nice. 

MP3: Black Moth Super Rainbow – Forever Heavy

Fujiya & Miyagi photo swiped from Urbanblitz’s Flickr photostream.


  1. Hey, I'll bet you might already of heard this, but Black moth super rainbow and the octopus project have some songs they do together, and its really good.

  2. duh. black moth traditionally doesn't use their keyboard stands.

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