Wombats Finally ‘Move’ to NYC

OK, Liverpool trio the Wombats aren’t moving here but they are playing NYC, at last, after skipping us in favor of Los Angeles when they came over for SXSW earlier this year. When you have a song called "Moving to New York," you should really make the Big Apple your first stop in America. So mark your calenders now — August 15 at the Annex. Not my first choice for a venue, but I’ll take it. Maybe they will do a couple more shows around that as, once again, LA gets three dates. But they’re also playing SF, Toronto and Boston. Here are all the dates:

Aug 06 The Roxy, Los Angeles
Aug 07 Cinespace, Los Angeles
Aug 08 Spaceland, Los Angeles
Aug 09 Popscene, San Francisco
Aug 11 Mod Club, Toronto
Aug 13 Great Scott, Boston
Aug 15 Annex, New York

In other Wombats news, today also sees the release date of their new single, "Kill the Director." I’m not sure that anyone should ever use the phrase "rom-com" in the chorus of the song, but I also can’t stop humming it.

MP3: The Wombats – Kill the Director

The vinyl single has a great CSS remix if you can find it. And the video is cute:

With the release of this new single, it seems the chances of their 2006 debut, Girls Boys and Marsupials, being released outside of Japan are becoming less and less likely. It was rush-recorded specifically for the Japanese market with singles "Lost in the Post" and "Moving to NY" padded out with some hastily-written, but actually quite good songs — it made my Best of 2006 list. Still not signed in the US either, though you don’t play three shows in Los Angeles without having some labels wanting to bite.


  1. I hope they put on a better show than the day party I caught in Austin. :-/ I liked them recorded but wasn't as impressed live. Maybe it was a bad afternoon… it was day 4 of SxSW so perhaps they were just really drunk/tired/high/being held captive while imposters came onstage and snarled 'OI We're The WOMBATS From LIVERPOOOOOOL.'

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