Cut Copy Indeed

Not that this is, you know, new news, but it’s double official now. New Order is no more. For me, New Order died when Gillian Gilbert quit the band right before the release of Get Ready. Just wasn’t the same without that woman’s touch.

Luckily, Cut Copy have picked up the ball and are running with it. The Australian group’s new single, "Hearts on Fire," could’ve been something from 1989’s Ibiza-crazy Technique, arguably New Order’s best album. (Low-Life is kinda hard to top, though.) The Peter Hook bass at the end is the clincher. I love it.

MP3: Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (buy stuff)

MP3: New Order – Mr. Disco (buy stuff)


  1. hi…thanks for posting hearts on fire. do you know where I can download the full version since this is just a sample?

  2. "Hearts on Fire" is the only thing released so far from the album. Gonna have to wait I guess.

  3. Sad news, sad news. Thanks for sharing the info, though.
    I'm sure our mutual friend Perry Newhouse will be sad to hear about the breakup. Or maybe not… hard to tell. Either way, he'll take it in stride.
    Incidentally, I just blogged today about Touch Records, a label that released some early-ish material from New Order.
    Icy cool flavors. Icy cool fun.

  4. Funny you should post this. Yesterday morning I was running while listening to Fujiya & Miyagi's 'Transparent Things' LP and wondering if they would be the likely successors to New Order's inspiring sound.

  5. I don't really here New Order when I listen to F&M — they seem more Krautrock than anything else. Plus they're pretty funky, which isn't a term anyone every used with NO.

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