Great Danes Tonight at Union Hall

Tired of sitting around on Monday nights with nothing better to do than watch Gordon Ramsey scream "you donkey!" on Hell’s Kitchen? Don’t want to pay $40 to see Wilco but are looking for a good music alternative? Can I suggest a suggestion? Criminally underrated Danish shoegazers EPO-555 play tonight at Union Hall. It’s also the birthday party for Heather of Ugly Floral Blouse, which is reason enough to attend on its own.

EPO-555 have played in NYC a couple times before and always been really engaging — especially if you like ’90s shoegaze or bands like the Notwist. Swirly guitars, breathy boy-girl vocals, big melodies, glitchy electronics — what’s not to like? Their two albums are finally getting released in the US thanks to a deal between their Danish label, Crunchy Frog (home of Junior Senior and the Raveonettes), and Ryko. (I prefer the newer Mafia to their debut, Dexter Fox, but their both pretty good.) And with that they’re over here playing a few East Coast Dates, mainly NY, but tonight’s show is the one to go to. Also playing: Taxi Taxi, who I wasn’t familiar with before today but listening to their album via their website makes me think we’re in for a great double bill. EPO-555 are supposed to go on around 8:45.

MP3: EPO-555 – Examinor No. 39
(From Mafia)

MP3: EPO-555 – Sophia
(From Dexter Fox)

And a music videos for "Hyperschlieb":

…and "Le Beat’s on Fire":

Lots, lots more on these Danes over Heather’s way. Hope to see you there tonight, and happy birthday Heather!


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